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The Actors Wednesday Workshop. Evenings on Wednesdays.

The Actors Friday Studio. Evenings on Fridays.

The Easter Week Intensive and The Summer Week IntensivesOne – week immersive full-time courses.

Applied art of acting A6 Flyer PLUS: Theatre Groups Training and Workshops Courses and Workshops for Theatre Groups both Professional and Amateur across Ireland. 

Corporate and Education Courses for Businesses and Schools. Catered courses, workshops and seminars for businesses, companies and primary and secondary schools. 

PRIVATE TUITION and audition preparation available also. Find all the details here and in the “Courses” section above.

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David Scott Actor Training

View video of graduates of The Applied Art of Acting talking about the 3 month full-time course on Youtube and Facebook below. Search The Applied Art of Acting.

David has been acting and teaching actors at the highest levels for 20 years, developing some of the most innovative, cutting edge and effective approaches to assist actors in creating excellent performances for stage and screen.

David is an Australian born actor who moved to Ireland in 2004. His interests within the world of theatre and film arts are many and varied. He studied at the University of Queensland and NIDA in Sydney. He has acted extensively in theatre, film and television in both Australia and Ireland and is represented by Nolan Muldoon Agency in Dublin. David has taught acting for some of the finest institutes of dramatic arts education in Ireland including The Gaiety School of Acting and The Irish Film Academy, Stageworks and The Drama League of Ireland. He also designs innovative courses of his own for both short-term and long-term training of fine actors including The Applied Art of Acting 3 month fulltime course, The Actors Wednesday Workshop and the Actor’s Friday Studio as well as various specialist courses and private tuteleg.



David founded COMPANY D THEATRE in 2006 and the company has become one of the most highly regarded independent theatre groups in Ireland, producing innovative new work and new interpretations of established plays. The primary focus of Company D is the continuing development of new, excellent actors in Ireland. David has written many plays, films and stories. He has produced 11 original plays with COMPANY D since 2006 and published his first text book on acting and theatre arts in 2007. “THE BEAUTIFUL STAGE” is available on www.lulu.com. His second and third books, “THE ART OF ACTING” and “THE POSSIBLE SOMEONE”, focused on advanced characterization are also available on www.lulu.com.

Dissappointed with the level of actor training available to him as a young actor in Australia, David began to develop a new acting technique designed to cleeve open the imagination and creativity of the actor using logical, practical concepts. The ongoing development of David’s technique has the ultimate goal of marrying those sorely divided poles in acting theory, the Physical, the Psychological and the Emotional into one, all-encompassing form of theatrical and dramatic expression, contained in single, organic moments, and within the total moment of the entire performance in both theatre and screen performance.

All of David’s classes are practical, useful and directly applicable to the everyday needs of today’s actor. The process provides a three-fold power to the actor: the confidence to be an artist, the courage to follow unleashed inspiration and the ongoing physical and personal development of the body, voice and temperament of the actor as an artist.

David’s courses are always affordable. He knows what being a student and an unemployed actor feels like. Profit is not a priority. However David’s courses are very popular and places are strictly limited to provide personalised attention. Please make contact and David will slot you in as soon as possible.

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The Actors Wednesday Workshop

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Corporate and Education Courses

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Feel free to contact David with any questions or queries you may have on Email: davidarts@eircom.net. Ph. 087 759 6715.  See Contacts for details.

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